A Fun Summer Camp for Technology Detox

A Fun Summer Camp for Technology Detox

At its core, Summerland is a fun summer camp for technology detox and learning new habits and skills.  If you find yourself constantly having battles with your child over their screen time it might be time for a reset.

At Summerland Camps, we give teens the opportunity to reset their relationship with technology. We understand that we all live in a modern world where most people use computers and cell phones daily, but that doesn’t mean that we are slaves to screens.

New Coping Skills

Self-monitoring teaches campers how to set boundaries and have limits.  Unplugging and stepping out of their home environment makes it easier to implement changes when they return home. They also have the chance to have real-world adventures and experiences that can change the way they see relaxation and fun time.

It’s important to not take away a coping skill without offering something in replacement.  If screen activity was how your child changed the way they feel, or how they socialized with others, you can’t just take away screen activity without filling the need in another way.

Summerland Camps can be very effective because campers are in a naturally social environment divided up into “tribes” while detoxing from video games.  They socialize and reconnect with peers, nature, and themselves.

Self-monitoring methodology teaches campers how to self-regulate their screen behaviors and is easily transferable back to the home setting.  The Behavior Planning Journal (BPJ) becomes a coping mechanism in itself- giving campers instant feedback on their day.

Next Steps

Help your child reset their mind frame and start participating in life by calling Summerland today.  Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 800-390-6986