Family Support for Technology Overuse

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Family involvement is key to the Summerland Camp process.

Parental involvement and support are critical for any program to produce successful outcomes, and our goal is to be the best summer camp for troubled teens anywhere.  We provide a family workshop, parental education, and have aftercare services available which are offered year-round.  We know from scientific research that the more families are involved, the better the outcomes.  We help parents at each step along the way by providing the education, support, and guidance to best support the camper’s behavioral changes.

When comparing programs, it’s critical to know if aftercare is available for up to one year after discharge.

At the family workshop, parents will have an opportunity gain additional knowledge and skills in order to set up an ideal structure for their kids to use technology appropriately.  The clinical team will provide families information and guidance during a weekend workshop.  The family workshop occurs on the final two days of camp just before you pick your child up.  There is no additional charge for the family workshop.  We do charge for aftercare services, as some families may elect to purchase just 6 months of aftercare while other families want 12 months of coverage.

We capitalize on the technology pause during the camp to reset screen time usage.  Campers return home with their devices set up with reasonable, agreed upon limits in place.  With the assistance of the camper’s behavioral coach, parents have contracts in place with their kids upon discharge and they will have the knowledge of how to monitor and limit technology use.  After benefiting from the parent workshop, parents have a research supported understanding of what consequences technology overuse can have on teens.

A 2-hour presentation is made on the final day of camp to give parents the tools they need to best support their camper’s newfound commitment to a schedule that minimizes screen time and finds new productive pursuits to time that was once devoted to screen based activities.  To further help parents provide better support, we will role play with parents how to set limits with teens and their electronic devices.

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Family workshop are a fun and informative time at camp.

Sample Family Workshop Schedule:

Arrive Friday afternoon.

4:00 pm Behavioral Coaching Family Session w/Counselor

6:00 pm Dinner with your camper

7:00 pm After Dinner Activity

8:00 pm Return to your hotel

Saturday Morning:

8:00 am Breakfast with your camper

9:00 am Family Workshop presentation

11:00 am Camp Dismissed

Best Summer Camp for Troubled Teens

Our effort to be the best summer camp for troubled teens is rooted in our strong belief that parents should be involved in each step along the way.  If comparing programs, it’s critical to understand the amount of parental involvement they offer.  Ask if aftercare is available and if parents are provided a family workshop included in the costs.  If parents are not involved, then you have to wonder how effectively the program is preparing the child for the transition back home.