Transferring Skills Home

Transferability if Skills- An important Aspect of Effective Programs

The ability to transfer or generalize learned strategies and coping skills from one setting to another, called, “transferability of skills” is what makes programs successful.  Parents are rightfully concerned that while a camper might have an amazing time at camp, who is to say that any of the changes will transfer back home.  This is where “transferability of skills” comes into play.

Campers live in comfortable cabins where they interact and socialize with others of similar age. They learn new strategies to deal with boredom, anxiety, anger and stress with peers that does not involve screens. Campers leave better prepared to handle what independence might look like, whether that’s a college dorm, living with roommates in an apartment, or a similar setting.

Effective Summer Camp for Troubled Teens: Practice Makes Perfect

We also seek to practice the skills we learn at camp.  This is what makes an effective summer camp for troubled teens.  When a camper has an “ah-ha!” moment, we immediately discuss how they can use the new skill or insight back home.  We role-play in the group, and in drama class our new skills and create actual muscle memory of our new habit.

Ultimately, we seek to replace manipulative “knee-jerk” responses to fear, anger, and anxiety with healthy pro-social responses.