Dr. Michael Bishop

Summerland Program Founder

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Dr. Mike Bishop

Dr. Michael Bishop is the founder of Summerland Camps. “Dr. Mike,” as he is known to program participants, personally oversees all aspects of Summerland’s camp, adventure trip, and in-home wraparound services. The Summerland methodology, pioneered by Dr. Mike is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and sports psychology strategies including self-regulation.

Dr. Mike believes that positive, uplifting interventions based on cognitive behavioral therapy and self-regulation are the most effective for making long-term behavioral changes.

2007-2014, Dr. Mike served as an Executive Director for Wellspring Weight Loss Camps and Schools. Wellspring was featured on Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, Extreme Makeover, GMA, TLC, CNN, GMTV (Britain’s leading morning show), and the focus of multi-part features in People Magazine, The Sun (Europe’s largest circulated newspaper), Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Mike lives in Tampa, Florida. He enjoys skiing, weight lifting, sports, and traveling.

Summerland at CPT has helped families from across the US and internationally achieve long-term behavioral change in a therapeutic summer camp environment.