Culinary Arts Program at Summerland California

At Summerland California campers are immersed in an environment that’s as close to the real world as it gets. Working in a modern college kitchen, you can hone your cooking abilities as you focus on developing real-life skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

The culinary curriculum has a focus on healthy living skills.  Campers learn how to craft low-calorie, low-fat foods that not only taste great but that are also good for you.

Our Culinary Facilities

Summerland California campers get to learn how to cook using our modern kitchen facilities located in the residence hall where we are housed.  As you can see below, we have the perfect area for small groups to develop culinary skills.

Lifestyle Change

For campers interested in weight loss or improving athletic performance, our coaching staff will help campers with tracking healthy habits with their Behavior Planning Journals that all campers carry.  In combination with the pedometers we carry, campers learn about “calories-in, calories-out” and develop a sense of control over their own personal health.   Now more than ever, young people need to learn skills to manage their health.  At Summerland, your camper will leave with these skills in place.

Independent Living Skills

There are many hidden benefits of teaching culinary arts to campers.  For some, the initial interest is a creative outlet.  Cooking is a way to experiment with tastes, and also to have some control over food.  Sometimes campers are surprised to learn that they can learn to love previously disliked foods if they have control over the taste with different cooking techniques, sauces, or spices.

Other benefits of cooking are the development of planning and math and science skills.  Campers develop an appreciation for foods as they learn what goes into the preparation- from preparing ingredients, following instructions, to presentation and storage.

Best of all cooking is a skill that makes campers feel more independent- ready to live on their own.  Campers feel more confident about the future and their ability to provide for themselves come adulthood with instruction on cooking.  Combined with instruction on budgeting, shopping, healthy diets and food storage- campers leave with basic skills necessary to live independently.

What Do Campers Learn?

Campers at Summerland California will receive professional instruction in:

  • Culinary Techniques
  • Sanitation & Safety
  • Baking Basics
  • Calorie Tracking and Nutrition
  • Meal Planning
  • World Cuisine

Through culinary arts instruction, Summerland Campers learn about science, language, counting, fractions, budgeting, weighing, sequencing, measuring, problem-solving, and sharing.  It’s also a chance to develop fine motor skills and learn about other cultures.