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 Summerland Camps: Where Chicago Campers Learn to Live with Technology

Welcoming campers from the Chicago Area, Summerland Camps are fun and effective serving campers across the United States.  We serve campers from across the US including Chicago and other major metropolitan areas.  We are a dedicated team of clinical professionals focused on helping young people ages 7-21 learn how to live with technology.  Based on science, our approach is simple and sustainable.  We help campers to look up from their screens and experience real adventure!

A relatively small investment in your child’s future can pay huge dividends.  Most families agree- education is the best investment you can make.  We educate, motivate, and inspire young people to focus on their future goals instead of focusing on screens or video games.

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Teen Boot Camp for Boys and Girls with Video Game Addiction Chicago

If you are searching for a boot camp for boys or a boot camp for girls with video game or computer / internet / smartphone overuse issues, you have found the right place. We are a behavior change program focused on helping young people re-discover who they really are.

Along with a fun and motivating camp experience, families receive:

  • parent workshop to ensure parents have the tools necessary to support campers back home.
  • Aftercare services to ensure the momentum is continued forward after discharge.

All of our camps are on university campuses.  We believe this is the perfect setting to motivate and inspire young people to change and focus on the future.

Chicago Boot Camp for Teens: Who We Serve

We help Chicago area campers from

Cicero, IL
Oak Park, IL
Berwyn, IL
Forest Park, IL
River Forest, IL Elmwood Park, IL
Lincolnwood, IL
Lyons, IL
Maywood, IL
River Grove, IL Summit, IL
Evergreen Park, IL
Evanston, IL
Norridge, IL
Melrose Park, IL

Chicago Teens Learn How to Manage Tech Use at Summerland Camps

Adolescents and teens today are interacting through their smartphones more than ever.  Research has demonstrated that more kids today are attached to their digital devices.  A meta-analysis study released in 2011 looked at 18 research studies found that Internet addiction might affect between zero and 26% of adolescents and college students in the United States, according to Common Sense Media

Simply put, if your child depends on you to tell them to put their device down, they are headed for disaster when they leave home after high school.  If your child wants to attend college, what are their chances of success if they have not learned the skills to self-regulate their electronics use?

About half of college freshmen will ever receive a diploma.  A small investment now in Summerland Camps will help your child learn the skills they need to successfully manage their technology use.

Chicago Boot Camp for Video Game and Technology Addiction

Summerland Camps are habit formation camps based on university campuses.  Our goal is to be fun, uplifting, and to inspire your child to make changes in their technology use habits.

We provide campers with the education, tools, and support they need to make the right decision about their daily habits.  Families often enroll in Summerland Camps after searching for:

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What Can Chicago Parents Do Now?

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