Summer Camp for Life Skills

Summer Camp for Life Skills

Now that The World Health Organization has classified gaming addiction as a disorder, many professionals are questioning if you can truly be addicted to an activity.  Regardless of terminology, if your child is using their smartphone or gaming to the point that it’s causing stress in the family, then it’s a problem.  Our goal is to help families change their habits.  So whether your child is on their smartphone for 2 hours a day or 12, we can help them to refocus on healthy habits.

Healthy Habits and Change

Often times with teens change can be painful and can feel drastic.  So instead of focusing on what they are losing, it can be beneficial to help them see what healthy habits they are gaining.  At Summerland, we accomplish this by promoting change in a culture of positivity and peer support.

Your family has habits, both healthy and unrewarding, that you do every day.  Brushing your teeth is a healthy habit you probably don’t really think about anymore, it’s just part of your normal routine.

At Summerland we help teens add healthy habits to their routine, like daily exercise, preparing healthy meals and actively socializing, so that like brushing their teeth it becomes part of their daily standard.  By adding enriching activities and routines to their life we slowly edge out any room for unproductive habits, like scrolling through Instagram for an hour every afternoon.

Next Steps

We help our campers understand how to manage their time in a productive and fulfilling way, instead of focusing on breaking an addiction or stopping the use of all technology.  This simple reframing of a goal can often help teens jump on board and be active participants to change.  If you are interested in learning more about how to make healthy changes for your family please call us today.