Smartphone Habit Change Summer Camp

Smartphone Habit Change Summer Camp

We at Summerland understand how difficult it is to be a parent.  Not just because a significant portion of our staff are parents themselves, but also because we talk to parents every day who are struggling and at a loss with how to help their child.

Often what starts as something to help can sometimes cause problems, like your child’s cell phone.  A recent national news poll on cell phone usage and data for parents and children found some insightful results.

  • 58% of parents said that they got their child a cell phone for safety so that they are able to keep in touch with them and know where they are.
  • 37% got their child a cell phone between ages 8-11.

Many of the parents that we speak to at Summerland share the same reasoning behind getting their young child a cell phone: the necessity to be able to connect at any moment with their child.  While we definitely understand the desire to be able to check in with your kid while you are working or away from them, giving your child a smartphone can potentially set the tone that they have to constantly be available.

As adults, the struggle between work/life balances can be difficult to maintain in today’s technological world.  Parents need to be careful to avoid teaching our kids that you can never turn the cell phone off.  Role modeling by putting your device away and dinner or while driving, for example, can be beneficial for your child.

Kids are becoming glued to their phones; more and more they use social media as their main connection to other kids and are bombarded with electronic distractions over their schoolwork.

There is also a direct link between screen time and health.  Kids with excessive screen time in the evening and who keep a cell phone in their bedroom report getting less sleep.  Constant scrolling and comparing to others can cause depression and anxiety.  Children also aren’t as active as they were generations ago, preferring sedentary inside activities, like video games or screen time.

Smartphone Habit Solutions

A weekend of taking the phone away from your child is not a long-term solution.  At Summerland, we help families build healthy and manageable boundaries with smartphones.  It is undeniable that cell phones have changed our world in positive ways and are now a part of everyday life, but we also need to be aware and cautious of the dangerous side of too much screen time.

In a recent poll conducted by The Sun, 35% of families polled said that their child has a negative reaction when told to put down their smartphone including, “moodiness, lashing out, refusing, sulking, and taking out frustrations physically.”

If you identify with this in your own home then schedule a call with Summerland today and see if our program is the right fit for your family.