Cell phone Addiction Treatment Texas For Successful Habit Change!

Cell phone Addiction Treatment Texas teens love!  In today’s technologically driven society, it can be hard for some to escape the persistent urge to use their cell phones or smartphones. Whether it be for “social” reasons, gaming, shopping, news, or other, recent studies show that most people will constantly check their phone without reason. Some are afraid they will miss out on something; a call, text, or other notification. Some do it simply out of boredom, or habit. An increasing amount of the American population are becoming addicted to their Cell phones, especially children and teens. The expert staff at Summerland Camps is here to help! We offer social media addiction treatment and Cell phone addiction treatment Texas families can count on.

Cell phone Addiction Treatment Texas

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About Summerland Camps

Our staff is comprised of clinical professionals who specialize in helping those addicted to digital media. Summerland camps is the first to offer a program(s) with the primary focus of providing video gaming addiction treatment, social media addiction treatment, and Cell phone addiction treatment where Texas teens thrive.

We focus on four areas that promote change in the lives of those addicted:

Motivation: We promote campers to set goals for themselves and work to achieve them. Initial success is substantial to future behavioral change. Our approach engages campers, helping to motivate them from within.

Behavior Planning and Tracking: We teach our campers how to positively utilize the hours in the day. If we spend our hours in front of a screen, we miss our opportunity to plan and grow.

Developing Strategies: We work to assist campers to establish their own identity through self-awareness. Knowing yourself is the catalyst to behavioral change.

Practicing Skills: Practice makes perfect! At Summerland camps, we practice what we preach, our campers create new and effective skills and habits for the betterment of themselves and their future.

Smartphone and Cell phone Addiction Treatment Texas – Are We the Right Fit?

Without social media addiction treatment, overuse can lead to anger, depression, loss of interest in outdoor activities, defiance, social anxiety, and even social withdrawal. All too often, parents wait too long to combat digital media addiction, leaving their child at an increased risk to a number of biopsychosocial illnesses. Let us be the change for your child! Contact us today for more information. We look forward to meeting you and your child!

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