Cell Phone Addiction Treatment North Carolina

At Summerland Camps, we promote change in children and teens who have problems with technology overuse by providing smartphone/cell phone addiction treatment.  As a major health concern for adolescents, technology overuse must be realized and corrected before associated health risks emerge.

Digital media overuse can lead to psychosocial issues such as social withdrawal, depression, anxiety disorders, anger, and defiance. Our program at Summerland Camps is unique, the first of its kind. We offer video game addiction treatment, social media addiction treatment, and Cell phone addiction treatment North Carolina families trust to make a change in their child’s life – providing for a prosperous future as an adult.

Effects of Technology Overuse | Our Cell phone Addiction Treatment North Carolina Option

Many parents view Cell phones, social media, and video game overuse as harmless. Unfortunately, there are many mental and behavioral health risks associated with increased screen time. One study found that “very frequent” users of social media are at a 60% increased risk for depression.

Due to compromised opportunities to participate in interactive activities and socialization, teens who continue to overuse will be behind the eight ball in terms of interpersonal skills – a key component to succeeding individually in the future. Don’t let your child fall behind, our social media addiction treatment is here to help them adequately manage screen time and real life.

Components to Success

Summerland Camps Cell phone addiction treatment North Carolina campers excel at is formulated to focus on your child’s specific needs and guarantee they come home changed for the better. We Provide:

  • Technology Detox, psychological reset
  • Exposure to sports, hobbies, outdoor activities, and other non-technology events
  • Focus groups QAs – the physical and mental cost of technology overuse
  • One-on-one meetings with behavioral coaches and licensed therapists
  • Training to self-regulate
  • Self-Identity

We aim to create a more positive path for your child, that they use free time as a means to achieve goals and self-educate rather than spend it looking at a screen.


We look forward to helping your child kick the habit and lead a healthier life. Look through our website for more detailed information. Get in touch via email or give us a call!

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