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Anxiety, depression, isolation, social withdraw, psychosis, all potential risks associated with digital media overuse, which is why we offer smartphone / cell phone addiction treatment for Michigan families. Although important to everyday life, modern technology and our overuse of it can be detrimental to health, especially children and teens in their formative years. Is your child struggling to develop interpersonal skills? Are they consumed by video games, social media, cell phones or other digital gizmos?


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At Summerland Camps, we have developed a program that will reverse your child’s addiction, or problem with overuse, and secure a brighter and healthier future. We offer video game addiction treatment, social media addiction treatment, and Cell phone addiction treatment Michigan families continue to trust.

How Cell Phone Addiction Treatment Michigan Works

We have the knowledge, skills, and professional expertise necessary for intervention in your child’s life. Our program’s format resembles that of a traditional summer camp but unique in that we treat digital media overuse. We provide a technology free environment where we promote sports, hobbies, outdoor activities, and other non-technology inclusive games.

This environment offers your child a detox from technology and allows us to change their behavior. Campers work with behavioral coaches and licensed therapist to help combat and conquer their problem. Focused learning groups with question and answer sessions also help to educate children on the physical and mental cost of technology overuse.

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Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. We want to ensure we are the right fit for your child. We do not accept applicants with drug or alcohol dependency issues, nor do we accept those with deep psychological and behavioral health problems. We want to create the absolute most positive environment obtainable in order to guarantee your child’s future success! We look forward to being change in the life of your child, give us a call today!

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