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Video game, social media, and Cell phone addiction treatment Illinois teens face are growing issues of adolescence in contemporary society. Regarding the behaviors of our nation’s youth, digital media has taken precedence over interactive physical activities and socialization.

Children and teens are among the highest percentage of people who are addicted to digital media. If your child is addicted to personal technology devices, we are here to help! Summerland Camps offers a unique program for children 7-21 years of age in need of social media addiction treatment, video game addiction treatment, and Cell phone addiction treatment Illinois families trust.

Our Camp for Smartphone, Social Media, Cell phone Addiction Treatment Illinois

Cell phone Addiction Treatment Illinois IL

Cell phone Addiction Treatment Illinois IL for gaming, internet, and technology overuse behaviors.  Photo credit

Simply put, we provide your child with technology detox. At our camp, your child will be exposed to various sports and interactive activities. We aim to increase your child’s interests away from the digital screen.

We provide focus groups to discuss and explore personal and social issues caused by the overuse of technology. Our camp is staffed by clinicians who specialize in digital media overuse and are passionate about helping those addicted succeed in breaking their habit.

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For more detailed information about our daily routine and the services we provided, please browse our webpage and ensure that we are the right fit for your child.

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