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Cell phone addiction treatment Georgia parents love! The formative years of our lives are the most important to future success as an adult. Although modern-day technological advances have made life easier and are crucial to the way we live, technology overuse can be detrimental to the lives of young people. If your child or teen has an addiction or problem with digital media overuse,

Summerland Camps are here to help them find a new direction in life. Setting up Parental Controls alone is simply not enough.  We provide cell phone addiction treatment Georgia parents trust and rely on. Our summer camp setting allows for a proper technology detox, for your child to reset and reconnect with reality, interact with fellow campers and give the boot to screen-based activities.

Damaging Components of Social Media and Digital Media Overuse

Cell phone Addiction Treatment Georgia

Need help for your child’s technology addiction?  We are the cell phone Addiction Treatment Georgia families love. Photo source 

Many children and teens have become reliant on digital media for entertainment purposes as well as stimulation. Due to this reliance, teens have missed out, and continue to miss out, on opportunities to interact and socialize with others, limiting their interpersonal and self-regulation skills.

Sending your child to college without having developed these skills is a recipe for disaster. We provide video game addiction treatment, social media addiction treatment, and Cell phone addiction treatment Georgia families can trust to develop skills and change the damaging habits of their loved one(s).

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We are one of the few camps in the nation to offer support for those confined by digital media overuse. Our camp offers a university-like atmosphere focused on preparing your child for successful independent living. Let’s start today to increase your child’s odds of becoming a college graduate! Browse our website for more in-depth information about our camp.

The team here at Summerland Camps is here to help! Call or email us with any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you.

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