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Cell phone Addiction Treatment Florida best option! In our nation today, cell phones or smartphones are consuming the lives of many. Not only do some adults struggle from digital media overuse, more than 50 percent of children and teens have issues with, or are addicted to some form of digital media. It’s a Pandemic!

At Summerland Camps, we work to promote and establish a change in the lives of children and teens who have succumbed to digital media addiction. We work with those in need of video gaming and social media addiction treatment. We also provide Cell phone addiction treatment Florida parents trust to make a change in the life of their children.


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Detriments of Digital Media Overuse / Smartphone Addiction

The majority of digital media addicts end up isolating themselves from the world around them, leading to limited personal interaction as they see the world only through digital screens. Children and teens may be on “social” media, but fail to interact socially when in the company of others, contributing to anti-social behavior.

Continued isolation poses risk to many negative psychosocial ailments which include obsessive-compulsive disorder, Bipolar disorder, depression, psychosis, and more. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your child the help they need and secure their future health and success with social media addiction treatment at Summerland Camps!

About Cell phone Addiction Treatment Florida

Summerland Camps is the first and only summer camp for children and teens addicted to digital media. We are trained and armed with the expertise and tools needed to transform your child into a young and successful independent adolescent, free from the distractions of social media, cell phones, and video games. Our mission is simply to change your child’s behavior for the betterment of themselves and those around them.

Visit us and see why we are the leading provider of Cell phone addiction treatment Florida families recommend! Browse our webpage or contact us for additional questions, comments, or concerns. We look forward to speaking with you!

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