Cell phone Addiction Treatment California Parents Count On

Does your child or teen spend seemingly almost every waking hour on their cell phone? Have you tried to break their habit on your own without success? You’re not alone, we are here to help! Our smartphone, video game, and social media addiction treatment camp provides the tools and resources needed to reverse your child’s Cell phone addiction and change their behavior for the better.

The Summerland Program at Camp Pocono Trails serves many campers from California every year at our Poconos location. We can pick up from Newark, NJ, or Allentown, PA airports.

Our Camp for Cell Phone / Smartphone Addiction Treatment

With a large majority of children and teens in our nation suffering from social media addiction, our camp offers Cell phone addiction treatment California Parents rely on. It’s time to put an end to countless wasted hours and promote positive change in your child’s life.

At Summerland Camps, we provide digital media detox through a culmination of specialized components:

  • We expose our campers to outdoor recreational activities, increasing interest in non-technology activities.
  • Campers are educated on the detrimental effects of prolonged technology use – physically, socially, and psychologically
  • Throughout camp, your child will meet one on one with behavioral coaches and licensed therapists, assisting with lifestyle changes and dealing with any potential issues they may have.
  • Our campers receive training to self-monitor and to use alternative means of technology when feasible.

Through our social media addiction treatment at Summerland Camps, we aim to assist your child in breaking their habit and to set future goals for themselves – utilizing their time more effectively and efficiently towards a healthier future.

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Browse our website for more detailed information about our camp. We are a leader in Cell phone addiction treatment California children have had great success at. We guarantee we are a suitable fit to break your child’s social media addiction. Submit an inquiry on our webpage or feel free to call, email, or visit us in person. We look forward to speaking with you and making the necessary change in your child’s life.

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