Letting Kids be Kids

Letting Kids be Kids

Ask an adult about their childhood and they will likely share memories and experiences that are quite different than how our children are growing up today.  There is no denying that today’s youth is exposed to more adult issues than they were generations ago.

As parents, we do what we can to help our kids have the best childhood experiences possible.  Despite our efforts, multiple reports show that teenagers today suffer from anxiety, depression and behavioral issues at a significantly higher rate than ever before.

Information and communication travels at rapid speed and we are able to judge, criticize and comment on someone else’s lifestyle in mere seconds at any moment of the day- there is no break.  Children also have access to anything 24/7.  20 years ago the average age when boys started exploring pornography was age 13, according to Psychology Today that age has dropped to an all-time low of age 8.

Helping Get our Children Back

Our children are exposed to content and material that they are likely not mature enough to handle and for some, it can cause long-term effects.  At Summerland Camps, we give kids their childhoods back.  They have the opportunity to have a true summer camp adventure, similar to what their parents and grandparents experienced.

Summerland Campers are able to unplug and have fun without technological distractions.  Depending on the session, campers experience rafting, climbing, zip lining, a ropes course, and science and engineering projects.  All campers participate in a group as part of our Tribe Challenges.

At our family workshops, we teach parents how to reinstate family time and create healthy boundaries and structure that works for their lifestyle.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our program is getting to watch kids blossom as they seem to wake up and start participating.  There are parts of our world that are forever changed with technology, both positive and negative.  But we can also create experiences for our child that let them focus on themselves and having fun.  If your child is struggling with tech or Gaming addiction and needs a break call us at Summerland Camps.