Communication at Summer Camp

Communication at Summer Camp

It is important for your child to focus on successfully transitioning to camp.  Similar to most summer camp programs, we encourage letter writing but only allow phone calls after the second week of camp unless there is an emergency.


You may receive a letter expressing homesickness during the first week of camp.  It’s important to remember that this is a normal reaction to leaving home and is soon overcome after the camper starts making friends and participating in activities.  Please remember that phone calls home disrupt the acclimation process to camp.

At any time you can call the camp director or your child’s counselor.  Calls are generally returned within 24-hours.  If your child is sick or injured, you will be called as soon it is logistically possible.

Homesickness should never be a deterrent to sending your child to camp.  Overcoming homesickness is a learning and growth opportunity and can be part of the therapeutic process.  What better format to have your child overcome their fear of separation from home than in a fun, supportive environment with licensed mental health counselors.  Also, because we use University locations for camp, your child will also become more comfortable in an college campus setting, better preparing them for the big separation experience they will inevitably face upon high school graduation.  Ultimately the camp experience is an opportunity for your child to master homesickness and gain the skills they will need to be successful in life.

Written Communication at Summer Camp

You are free to email your child every day.  We print out emails daily and distribute to campers at breakfast.  We recommend parents limit their emails to a couple times a week.  A short note of encouragement is best.

If something is going on at home- like if a family pet is sick or lost, we recommend you do not communicate that to your child until they return home.  It’s important that the child is fully engaged at camp and not focused on what is going on at home.

Your child is free to write you letters every day.  Please provide your child with some self-addressed stamped envelopes for this purpose.  We do not monitor in interfere with communication.

Phone Calls

Phone calls are typically done over the weekend.  We will have a specified time for your child to call home.  If your time is limited, please let us know and we will schedule your child’s weekend call home.

As part of the camp is to prepare your child to successfully manage their electronic device usage, if clinically appropriate your camper may be given the opportunity to manage their devices in a structured manner on the final days on camp.  On these final days they will be able to make and receive calls.

It is not required that your child have an electronic device for the final days of camp, and each camper assumes responsibility for their device.  Each family needs to decide whether this is the right option for your child, as some campers do not have a phone or handheld electronic device.