Drama/Improv Group at Summerland California

Drama is a great activity we do at camp that provides a supportive way for campers to express their feelings, solve problems, and practice peer interactions and conflict management skills.

Drama activities are conducted as an active, experiential approach to facilitating change. Campers are who participate in the Drama and Improv component will learn to become more flexible in their roles though acting vignettes where they will also rehearse desired behaviors.  Campers will practice relationship roles and boundaries, and perform the change they wish to be or the change they which to see in the world.

Drama activities include storytelling, projective play, purposeful improvisation, and performance.

Jean Campbell demonstrates some basics of psychodrama in her TedX talk.

Why Drama and Improv?

We do drama and improv for two reasons.  First and foremost, providing activities campers want to do is a way to meet them on common ground and to build rapport.  We want our camper’s active, engaged, and enjoying the camp.

Secondly, there is a definite value to drama and improv in breaking socially reserved campers out of their comfort zone.  For young people that have been socially isolating by playing video games or interacting with social media- drama and acting activities can be just the thing to get them interacting and socializing again.

Improv to Build Skills

At Summerland, we use improv to help campers learn how to deal with common issues teens face.  Peer pressure, bullying, and negative social influences are all topics we can create improv exercises over.  Camper can practice responses to problem situations and create muscle memory of how to best respond.

Youth motivational speaker and social skills educator Jeff Veley plays the Golden Rule Game, invented by school psychologist Izzy Kalman, NCSP