Summerland California Activities

Surf, Sun, and Beach Fun!

Located in Santa Barbara, Summerland California is the perfect setting for beach lovers.  We hike, explore, surf and boogie board- all while learning about our natural surroundings.  As campers learn to put down their screens and take in the beauty and adventure around them, they develop an awareness about nature and themselves.

Why Should I Chose Summerland California?

While west coast families may choose our Santa Barbara location due to proximity and ease of access to our Family Workshop sessions, it’s also the preferred location for campers that want to learn independent living skills.

Our state-of-the-art kitchen is the perfect setting for learning how to budget, plan, and prepare healthy meals.  Because campers that have been sedentary with online activities may need a healthy focus, we also teach campers how to choose healthy foods and appropriate portions- in addition to tracking calorie intake and burning in our Behavior Planning Journal (BPJ).

Carrying the Changes Home

Transferability of skills is what it all boils down to.  We approach this issue from multiple perspectives: long-term planning, behavioral tracking, and even role-playing handing different situations in the drama group.

However, nothing is more powerful at creating behavioral change than sparking interest in a new hobby or sport.  As a result, the primary focus of our active component is to give campers an opportunity to experience outdoor living and recreation.

At Summerland California, we recommend parents run with any momentum created at camp.  If your child develops an interest in stand up paddleboarding, perhaps a paddleboard could be a reward for keeping up with their Behavior Planning Journal (BPJ) for 30 days post-camp.

Focus on Fundamentals

The key to developing an interest in new activities is to focus on fundamentals.  We don’t just hand campers a surfboard and say, “have fun.”  We start with the basics and walk them through all steps to be successful.  Some campers come to Summerland California with a belief that they are “just no good” at sports.  Our job is to change that view.

Your child will have an amazing summer at Summerland California!