Santa Barbara Beaches!

Summerland California is located in one of the best areas for a summer camp anywhere!  Enjoy world-class beaches like Butterfly and Ledbetter Beach.

From visiting historic lighthouses to volleyball, beach campfires, snorkeling, and surfing, we have a blast at Summerland California on the beach.

Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Video

At Summerland California, our use of the beach is not just about fun and games.  Campers learn about bio-diversity, ocean currents, ecology, and develop an appreciation for the environment.  We couple trips to the beach with visits to local nature preserves and museums.  Campers learn to develop an awareness and appreciation of their environment, something that young people who overuse screens often struggle with.

The Value of Teamwork

Campers at Summerland California compete as part of a Tribe.  Sports, games, and team challenges are all used to build cooperation and teamwork skills and to develop interests outside of screen-based activities.

Teamwork requires our camper to work cooperatively with other campers towards a goal or objective that they share. Some objectives are more physical in nature, while other objectives require strategic thinking.

Every member of a tribe has to respect each other’s opinions and abilities in order for the tribe to work effectively. Working as a tribe is very social, involving the exchanging of actions and ideas and a significant amount of interaction.

Improving Skills

Communication, social, and emotional skills are all strengthened when Summerland Campers learn to work as a team, which can help improve self-esteem and confidence.

Without a doubt, the beach activities are a highlight of our camp.  Come to Summerland California and have a blast this summer!

California adventure camp

Trade in your electronics this summer for real adventure!

Beach Activities May Include:

  • Frizbee
  • Volleyball
  • Relay Race
  • Sand Castle Building Competition
  • Surfing
  • Ocean Kayaking
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding
  • Exploring historic lighthouses
  • Whale watching
  • Snorkeling