Aftercare Services

Ensuring the Changes Stick

Effective, comprehensive aftercare helps ensure skills and habits learned at camp stick when a camper returns home.  For a LIMITED TIME ONLY we are offering 90-days FREE aftercare services for campers ($1,485 value).  The normal rate is $495 per month (compare to $125 per session or $500 per month for standard weekly therapy sessions).

Your child will work with the same staff they built a relationship with at camp when they return home, and they will have access to their fellow campers for continued support and encouragement.  The aftercare website gives campers access to resources for continued support and access to a larger community of like-minded individuals post-camp who are also struggling with technology overuse habits.  Best of all, for 90-days it’s free.

Research shows that aftercare contributes to positive outcomes.  In one study on the effectiveness of aftercare services, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Betty Ford Foundation looked at all professional continuing care services and the effect on substance abuse treatment.  All forms of aftercare were significantly associated with abstinence over and above individual factors ranging from 1.3 to 3.2 times greater outcomes.

90-Days of Aftercare Free Offer

Simply submit your deposit now to lock in the 90-day free aftercare deal before it goes away.  90-days of aftercare is free with any session.  Additional aftercare services are $495 per month.

Successful treatment is a journey, not a destination. Long-term support is critical for successful outcomes.

Aftercare Process

Qualified staff at Summerland Camps will check in with your child on a weekly basis for completion of aftercare services.  Aftercare with a qualified Summerland Camp counselor offers significant value over building a new relationship with a counselor that only knows your child in an office setting.  Our counselors will really get to know your child at camp, spending 24/7 with them during their time of enrollment.  Our counselors will build real connections with your child overcoming obstacles and completing team challenges under their supervision.

The coaching process continues upon the transition home with our aftercare component.  Counselors check in with your child on a weekly basis face-to-face online using Google Hangouts or Skype.  We continue to follow our scientifically based curriculum working on desired academic, health, and social goals.  Our behavioral coaches will support, encourage, and problem solve with your camper at home as a continuation of the camp behavior change process.

Game Quitters

Game Quitters is the largest support community for video game and technology addiction, serving 25,000 members/month in 80 countries.

Online Support Community

Summerland Campers continue to support and encourage each other after the camp experience.  Though a relationship with Game Quitters, Summerland Campers will be part of an online community forum which offers support, guidance, and practical information on quitting excessive gaming and other technology overuse habits once and for all.  Summerland Campers that complete any session length will automatically be enrolled in the “ReSpawn” program that includes:

  • Access to a private community (Summerland Campers have their own private community forum, and can also access the broader general community).
  • 10 video lessons (MP4), 1 hour and 47 minutes total length
  • Audio files (MP3) & Transcripts (PDF)
  • Fourth edition ebook (76 page PDF)
  • Respawn Workbook (PDF)
  • Priority email support
  • 10 expert interviews (MP3)

Additional aftercare components may include (differs for each camper’s needs):

  • Weekly Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facetime call to check in.
  • A screen share or shared login to check the consistency of the Behavioral Planning Journal.
  • Overview and discussion of planned activities for the next week.
  • Planning session regarding stated goals and what behaviors need to be completed to meet desired goals.
  • Troubleshooting when problems arise or when the camper falls off track.
  • Monitoring of integrated components into the Behavioral Planning Journal such as activity tracking by Fitbit, Garman, Withings, Moov, and so on.
  • Strategy development and troubleshooting on any issues related to behavioral improvement and general well-being.
  • Providing positive encouragement and reinforcement when things are going well.

At the end of camp, it’s not just, “goodbye and good luck.”  We might part by saying, “You did great at camp.  Let’s check in Monday morning on how the weekend went, and then every Saturday until when I see you next year!”  For programs that seek to change habits, checking in with participants on a regular basis is critical.

Campers who participate in aftercare services check in with their counselor weekly by phone or Google Hangouts (or Skype).  We create a shared calendar where campers continue tracking of behaviors where the behavioral coach oversees performance.  Counselors provide positive encouragement and support- and help the camper problem solve when things don’t go well.

The act of checking in and reporting weekly behavior carries substantial influence on a child’s likelihood to continue the changes they planned at camp back home.  Because aftercare is done with the same staff campers bonded with at camp, the value of using our behavioral coaching staff over a therapist at home is significant.  Most campers want to be successful, and they don’t want to let their behavioral coach down.  Finally, because behavioral coaches also check in with parents, you can be sure we are getting the most accurate information about your camper.

summer therapy camp family

Family involvement is key to the Summerland Camp process.

Parental Involvement

As part of the aftercare process, behavioral coaching staff will check with parents as part of the aftercare process.  Each month we send a monthly summary of goals, goal tracking, and our notes on the behavior change process.  We are always available to schedule an individual call with parents as well to update you on your child’s aftercare process.


We can also offer pre-care services for the camper that can’t wait until summer to make a change.  Counselors are available to meet with you in your home to get started (call for pricing).

Parents can sign up for aftercare services during registration or at the family workshop.