Affordable Residential Treatment for Video Game and Social Media Addiction

Parents seeking affordable residential treatment options for video game addiction or social media overuse are often surprised to find limited realistic options available. One issue is that while most insurance plans technically do cover residential treatment, the guidelines for coverage are quite limited.

For example, most insurance plans will only cover residential treatment while a teenager is in an acute phase. Acute means that the teenager or young adult is currently in danger to themselves or others. If the individual is suicidal or homicidal there is usually no issue with getting them into treatment at least until a point where they are stabilized.

Generally, stabilization occurs within three to seven days. Obviously, stabilization only it’s not what most parents seek when exploring long-term options that will fix the root of the problem. This is where the Summerland Camps program for technology habit change really shines. We offer an effective treatment program for video game addiction and social media overuse that lasts for one to seven weeks in length.

Additionally, we do not file insurance claims so insurance is not a roadblock to treatment. With most residential treatment centers for teens, the insurance company is in charge of the treatment. With the Summerland Program for Technology Habit Change, parents are in charge of the treatment.

Participants enjoy hiking, camping, and adventure-based sports on our adventure trips.

Advantages of our Affordable Residential Treatment Center Alternative

One reason why residential treatment centers are so expensive is because you are paying for the high cost of psychiatric intervention. If your child’s issues stem from habits and a faulty belief system, what they really need is therapy and not medication.

The simple fact is that there is no pill that can teach coping skills. Developing insight and building the tools to deal with your environment in a healthy and positive way is the result of structured interaction and creating aha experiences generally done through group or individual therapy. At Summerland, we have a set curriculum to achieve these objectives.

Finally, an advantage of Summerland over expensive residential treatment centers for video game or social media addiction is that we take a positive approach. Our treatment program is set in the backdrop of a typical summer camp format.

Summerland Campers participate in traditional summer camp activities while developing the skills needed to transition back home and be successful. The self-esteem component is required for all campers as we have found that self-esteem tends to be a route issue for the participants we serve. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of your child attending Summerland please give us a call today.

Value Components Summary

Summerland Camps offers the first and only summer camp environment for screen time overuse.  We help with a scientifically based curriculum to address excessive internet gaming, X-Box, handheld devices, social media, and virtual reality overuse.

There are other programs that claim to help address internet gaming addiction, social media overuse, and so on.  However, for most of these programs, it’s more of an afterthought, an add-on to their other therapy offerings.

We are unique in that screen time overuse is our primary focus, with social problems, frustration, anger, and anxiety being related to the screen overuse habit.  We don’t just gloss over the digital media issue, we hit it head-on.

Our positive focus is as unique as our location.  Because we are rooted in self-monitoring methodology, we stay focused on creating goals and the behaviors it takes to achieve these goals.  We don’t see your kid as, “broken.”  They just have some bad habits, and habits can be unlearned, and new habits can be learned in their place.

We focus on screen-based activities.  This generally means internally focused issues co-occur like anxiety, depression, and poor social skills.  A lot of our campers also have problems with ADD / ADHD, and could benefit from learning how to stay organized and work on goals.

Other programs claim to help with gaming overuse, but you risk mixing your child in with drugs, alcohol, bullying and violence issues.  Also, because other programs have such a wide focus, the therapy becomes quite diluted.