The Summerland Program at Camp Pocono Trails

Look up from your screen and experience real adventure!

The Summerland program at Camp Pocono Trails is, by far, the most professionally managed, the most fun, and the safest video game, social media, and smartphone behavior change program in the world. Our world-famous program has been featured in media outlets across the United States. We offer a kid’s camp (ages 7-17), and a Young Adult program (ages 18-21).

At Camp Pocono Trails, we care deeply for our camper’s well-being, health, and future. Fun is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle on our 350-acre private lakefront. We offer an amazing selection of over 100 activities — everything you’d expect from a great summer camp and more. We have it all, from ziplines to a climbing wall, yoga to aerobics, golf to tennis, life skills, cooking classes, nutritional instruction, two heated Olympic-sized pools, and great workouts guided by inspiring instructors.

Ready for the summer of your life? Our sports programs focus on camper participation, not winning and losing. Campers receive athletic instruction from a first-rate staff, where positive reinforcement is continually at work to encourage kids, whatever their skill level. Building self-esteem is key. The environment is always non-threatening and stress-free.

We offer caring, supportive staff and our Directors have decades of camp management experience. Our counselor-to-camper ratio never exceeds 1-4. With an extensive list of special events and off-camp excursions including whitewater rafting, paintball, and more; you have a summer experience unlike any other. No wonder our camps attract campers from all over the world!

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Summerland Camp Process:

Let’s have some unplugged fun!


– Process Overview –
Journaling at teen boot camp

Journaling is a life skill – not only for planning but tracking behaviors as well.

At Summerland Camps, we use behavioral change methodology developed by performance psychologists and utilized by professional athletes to shape behavior and improve performance.  Campers carry a Behavior Planning Journal and learn how to pre-plan their week to ensure their educational, social, and fitness goals are met.  We call this skill, “self-regulation.”

We stay focused on the positive during camp which is central to our beliefs.  Buy-in is so much easier if we focus on what the camper wants out of life- their goals and dreams.  We then talk about creating a plan to make those ambitions come true.  What behaviors would you need to complete on a daily basis to achieve your goals?

Conversely, what behaviors would you need to avoid to achieve those same goals?  All of this is quantified and planned in the Behavior Planning Journal.

We don’t think for a minute changing habits should be unpleasant.  At Summerland, we take a positive approach.  We enjoy fitness, water sports, healthy eating, journaling and so much more.

Your Camper will get an opportunity to experience a wide array of fun activities during a typical stay at camp.  On our 350-acre spectacular lakefront campus, our program and facilities set the worldwide standard for behavior change camps.

Owners Tony and Dale Sparber are dedicated on-site directors of Camp Pocono Trails. Their presence ensures experienced management, trustworthy hand-picked staff, flexibility, constant improvement, and overall excellence.

We don’t share our facility; we’re private, safe and secure, unlike camps that share college campuses with anyone over the summer.

Goal setting as a major goal at camp.

Goal setting as a major goal at camp.

We take a positive approach at Summerland Camps.  Setting positive, attainable goals is part of our process.  We don’t see your child as “broken.”  We correct habits by focusing on the positive, and setting life goals keeps our campers enthusiastic, energized, and moving forward.

We help campers identify life goals in a supportive, positive atmosphere.  We also discuss how to handle falling off track, as this is to be expected from time to time.  We help campers develop a system for monitoring their daily activity to keep them on track and discuss strategies to not let digital media such as television, Youtube, video games, X-Box, social media or other distractions prevent their goal attainment.

Summerland Camps are unique in that we are the first summer behavior change camp for youth that focuses on the effects of digital media overuse in a positive and uplifting way.

Your child will leave happy, healthy, and confident!

Develop Skills to Ensure Success

Video Game Addiction: The Time for Action is Now

As parents, it’s our job to guide our children to independence.  If your child’s ability to self-regulate their behaviors would prevent them from being successful in college or independent living, make an intervention now to correct their habits before it gets out of control.

Here are some questions to explore to see if now is the time for a reset opportunnity::

  • Does your child sneak use of their device/video games and defy limits you set?
  • If left alone, would your child play online over doing their homework or other responsibilities?
  • Does your child miss out on socialization opportunities or outside play to engage in screen activity?
  • Has your child’s schoolwork or home responsibilities (keeping room clean, etc) fallen off due to screen activity?

Percent of day on smartphone

Science Daily reports female college students spend 62% of waking hours on smartphones (males 50%).

College students dropping out

Reuters reports only 46% of college students graduate, in part due to “not being prepared” or “inability to cope.”

Effect on Academics

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine reports Gamers spend 34% less time on homework than non-Gamers.

Camp Pocono Trails is Effective and Fun!

Our mission is to enable our campers, ages 7 to 21, to learn how to live life in balance with technology so they can succeed in college and beyond.

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